Intelligence is not genetically inherited
Part II



Stanford University’s most prestigious psychologist Carol Dweck
conducted studies that prove people are not born with intelligent but it grows as a child’s abilities develop.
If a child believes that his/her abilities can grow, the more successful that person will be when they attempt mastery of different projects.

Intelligence can not be measured by IQ, SAT or other so called intelligence test according to psychologist Robert Sternberg. Dr. Sternberg believed that these test measure achievements not genetic intelligence.

In 2005 when asked what is intelligence Dr. Sternberg stated, that intelligence is nothing more than a representation of the competences of development. That means that anyone has the potential to be intelligence if they are given the correct tools of development.

So to sum it up intelligence isn’t a thing, it isn’t fixed, or a generalized to certain groups of people. There is a process that human beings must go through to become intelligent.

Measuring intelligence is not like measuring a table, or bed. David Shenk likened it to measuring a 5 year old child’s weight. It will fluctuate from day to day and how much he /she weighs on any given day is up to the child and how much he/she eats that day.

David Shenk’s The Genius in All of Us: Insights Into Genetics, Talent, and IQ.