Researchers began to discover since the 1960s that play helps in a child’s development.  Through play children development academically, physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.  All of these category of develop are needed in order for children to  Fine motor and gross motor skills are all developed during play  Fine motor skills are dexterity of the hands and fingers.  Fine motor skills develop through exercises like finger painting, coloring and drawing pictures, writing stories.  Playing with dolls and toy soldiers dressing and undressing them will also strengthen fine motor skills.

 Gross motor skills involve the development of muscles in the body.  Children will jump, run, dance, kick a ball, swing on a swing, skating,  physical activities that exercise the larger muscles in the body help children develop gross motor skills.   But how is this closing the 30 million word gap. 

During play children are speaking and communicating with one another this means that cognitive skills are being shaped. The exchange of language is strengthening each child’s vocabulary skills.  They are learning from each other as they play.  To explore the subject of learning through play look to