Early Reading First Project (ERF)

 The Early Reading First Project in Kansas City, Kansas has worked to reach two goals since its conception.  First goal is to take preschool aged children and sharpen their language and vocabulary skills.  The second goal is improving literary skills of children with the potential to have academic challenges when they begin school.  After participating in this program toddlers use more words and understand their meanings.  They also should have developed early reading skills, clear comprehension and recall skills.  These children have more reading success than children that are taught in traditional school settings.

 Other program goals are to teach parents and caregivers how to support children academically, emotionally and model linguistics.  The Programs provides screenings and early monitoring for early detection of children showing possible need for challenging reading impairments.  Those implementing the program are to use materials and literacy activates that have been found by researches to provide positive improvements for children in ERF.  For more information about ERF connect online to http://erf.ku.edu/