Early Intervention in Reading Programs Want To Help



 Another program, The Early Intervention in Reading Program is working with educators, psychologist and researchers to close the 30 million word gap. Developed by Professor B. Taylor at the University of Minnesota the program has been raising the reading level of 1st through 3rd graders for years. 

 Training for teachers to implement this program is very important to its success.  These teachers are taught strategies that have been successful in raising reading levels for children in 1st through 5th grades.  The ratio of student to teacher instruction is 7 to 1. 

 The program is based on books that are reading to and by the students.  Oral reading by both student and teachers (auditory learning) is important to the success to the lower grade students.  The books are especially chosen for the enjoyment of the students.  Non fictional stories are chosen that relate to the children’s lives.  Children are prompted to write stories, rhyme, phonetic and sound of letters, as well as identifying letters.  To find out about this and other programs go online to