Letter to the Editor


Dear Editors,

Now we know that the English language is made up of approximately 50,000 words.  Yet according to researchers Hart and Risley by the age of three children living in impoverished homes have head 30 million less words than children living in wealthy or professional homes.  Researcher named this phenomenon the 30 million word gap.

This research proved that children living in poverty here in America were experiencing such a deficit in their vocabulary, it would affect continue to cause them academic failure.  Many times these students would drop out of high school before completion due to their inability to catch up scholastically with their peers.

It has taken some years for American school systems to address this issue.  Yet educators, psychologist and researchers are trying to close this gap.  They are doing so by working to enrich the vocabulary of children and their parents living in poverty through educational programs, and special research projects.

I commended these men and women that desire to see every child properly educated.  As a nation, as a state and as a city we must attempt to educate our children no matter their economic status.  Let us not continue to create another generation of uneducated children.