Are Newspapers doomed? Part I


Taken from March 16 2006 interview with Alan Rusbridger Editor, The Guardian

 Is there a future for newspaper or has the idea of ink on paper become obsolete?  In March of 2006, the editor of The Guardian Alan Rusbridger was interviewed by RSA about the future of newspapers.  Paul Crake the Program Director of RSA chaired the discussion.  Rusbridger did not believe that the future of newspapers in America and other European countries in what he called the developed world was looking positive at all.  This was not true of some countries like Eastern Europe, Russia, India or China. The printed page in these countries still has a wide circulation.


Rusbridger identifies two major components why the newspaper is diminishing.  The first are web pages such as Craig’s list giving cheap advertising, because they are working with small staffs. We will discuss the second reason in part II of this blog.


Craig’s list is in the position to cause great financial trouble to one of America’s greatest newspaper, The New York Times.  Craig’s list offers their services free to both sellers and buyers.  Just about anything that you can imagine selling or buying you can get it on Craig’s list.  Everything is free with the exception of a job posting.  If you wanted to do a job posting on Craig’s list in 2006 it would cost you a fee of $25.00.  While, to post the same job in the New York Times, cost you $300-$958 for each posting.

Which would you rather use? Isn’t cheaper better?

 You may get a copy of the transcript of this interview by logging onto