Are newspapers doomed? Part II

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March 16 2006 interview with Alan Rusbridger Editor, The Guardian

 Since Rusbridger’s 2006 interview many of the newspapers in major cities have began to post their news articles on a website.  Rusbridger predicted that this would happen and he knew that it would change how we received our printed news. He also knew that editors would have less control over how political topics were received by the public.

 People that read their news on the web, will usually read the text and then post messages on social media saying if they agree or disagree with the writer of the article.  These bloggers will usually begin to get the opinion of other bloggers posted to their blogs.  If this topic is a hot political topic there will soon be hundreds of people committing on the news article and their opinion of the journalist that wrote the article.

 There was a time if a person disagreed with an article an editor controlled if the public was able to voice their opinion.  If the editor did not choose to publish an opinion in the letter to the editor portion of the newspaper then the topic couldn’t grow or it took longer for it to gain the interest of the general public.  That is not the case now.  Due to the internet people can blog their opinions on social media and a topic grows whether an editor feels it should or not, they no longer have that control.  The internet has given each and every citizen a voice if they so choose to use it.

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