Developing Your Style of Writing I


I recently remember someone saying that there are no new creations as far as ways of doing things is concerned. Instead we are always improving and/or expanding on things that were created by some one from our past.   I believe that this statement is true.  There is evidence of this all around us.  A good example is in the way we study science. A scientist will make a discovery but as time marches on, there will be additional discoveries and new information to add to the discovery that was made. 

 This is also true of the development of language and writing styles.  As our society changes so does the culture of our language and popular writing styles.  According to Joseph Williams and Joseph Bizup in their book, Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace, these authors spoke about how important it is to use simplicity when writing so that it is easier for your audience to understand your message. 

 The use of boorish words in an attempt to sound intelligent and learned is a waste of time, and paper.  When writing on a subject that is not targeting your scholarly peers, but writing to affect the interest of our younger generations or people that are not dedicated to the study of your subject, the message that you want to convey can become lost in the rhetoric of your words. 

 It is better that your readers have an understanding of what the author is trying to say, because the writing is simplistic.  The readers will have difficulty understanding a writer’s subject and therefore the message can easily be lost.