Tim Dunlop comments on blogging and the new citizenship.




Bloggers are the new public intellectuals

Tim Dunlop is a international blogger dedicated to the practice of blogging daily.  He believes the new generation of bloggers, rather they are young or old, are blogging as the world’s public intellectuals (PI).  These public intellectuals see it to be their duty to use writing to express public their opinions about different topics on various websites.  He says that these topics usually affect the political climate of their countries or communities.  Other times these bloggers comment on international topics as well.

Dunlop describes a public intellectual as an ordinary citizen that can express interest and share knowledge on a certain topic.  These citizens can speak with a voice of genuine interest about a public issue.  There is usually no objectivity in their writing for each blogger will publically announce their political preferences and speak on that behalf. 

 According to Dunlop there is a strong likeness to a public intellectual and an active citizen.  He actually challenges that they are one and the same.  He perceives that an active citizen has as much interest, concern and most time knowledge of his chosen topic as one that would call himself an expert on the same topic. 

 In the end he challenges you to join his blog for one week follow the links of other bloggers and contributors.  Participate by writing in the comments boxes and after that week, see if you won’t think that contributing to the public intellect isn’t a good idea.  You may get hooked.