Why Story Dictation is Useful as Nonfiction



Reading nonfiction books is important to developement

Story Dictation is a strong way of closing the word gap.  It has been discovered that it is important that children create and have read to them non-fictional stories as well.  Reading nonfictional stories strengthens their exposure to historical events, bibliography, creating projects, and inference (what happens next).  Children that are exposed to nonfictional reading will also become good thinkers.  They can later join think tanks and exam the world around, becoming involved in solutions to problems. 

Children that using nonfiction when story telling children are asked to tell a real life story or a story that could really happen.  They may talk about riding their new bikes, the birth of a new sibling, how they feel about their parents, how the family expresses love, watching a playground being built in their community or there are any number of topics.