I met with the Schultz Librarian after I left work, drove from Greene Township and came to the IUSB campus.  I was a few minutes late, so while in transit I called the library and spoke to her.  I told her that I would be a litle late because I had to come so far to get there.  She was very nice about it.  She told me to be careful and take my time, don’t have an accident getting there.  I still drove fast to get there though. 

When I arrived she was waiting at the front desk for me.  We immediately got to work.  I can’t remember her name because I am very bad with names.  I have a habit of calling people by the name that I first think of when I meet them.  I once called a lady from my church “Kim” for seven years.  I later found out that her name was “Pam!”  When I asked her why did she answer to “Kim” all those years she said that she rather liked the fact that I called her by another name and she had always thought of it as a nick name or a term of endearment.

So, the librarian began by asking me questions about how much I knew about using the library search engine.  I told her that I had taken a class with about using the library search engine, but seemed that alot had changed since my class.  She told me that the search engines were the same only the look of the pages had changed.   She then went straight to EBSCOHOST search engine, and typed in my subject 30 million word gap.  She choose several places to search.  She did social sciences, sciences and the humanitites.  Hundreds of peer reviewed journals popped up so she narrowed the search by eliminating some of the engines.  

Finally we had about 30 choices.  She asked me would that be ok and I thanked her, that would be enough to begin.   She then left but I spent the next couple hours reading and printing material.  Even though I had taken that class it was good to have her assistance in doing the search.  I think that I would have taken alot more time doing, she had not assisted me.